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Essential info before the start

Competition office’s location:

Friday/Saturday: Ochotnica Górna, Marii Konopnickiej Primary School, Iwanki housing estate, no. 203.

Sunday: Ochotnica Dolna, Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury, Dłubacze housing estate, no. 160 (next to the staring line)

Competition office’s working hours

Friday, July 11, 4 p.m. – 11 p.m., Primary School in Ochotnica Górna

Saturday, July 12, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., Primary School in Ochotnica Górna

Sunday, July 13, 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury (local cultural center) in Ochotnica Dolna (next to the staring point)


Deposite bags will be available in the competition office. You can deposit your stuff in the competition office or right before the start in Ochotnica Dolna. You can collect your things only by showing your starting number.

Technical briefing

– technical briefing for the participants of Studzionki Vertical – before the start, 6:45 p.m. in Ochotnica Górna

– for the participants of the 102, 80 and 40 km runs, technical briefing will be held on Friday, July 12, at 8:30 p.m.

– for Ochotnica Challenge participants – just before the start, 8:45 a.m. in Ochotnica Dolna.

There won’t be showers at the finishing line, but if you are brave enough, you can jump into the mountain stream only 10 meters away.

Starting point, finishing line, transport

Studzionki Vertical – July 11, 2017

Starting point – Ochotnica Górna, bridge on the way to Studzionki, about 900 m away from the Competition ofiice, 7 p.m.

Finishing line – Studzionki, next to the shelter

Gorce Ultra Trail, July 12

– Starting point for the 102 km run – Ochotnica Dolna, Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury (local cultural center), Dłubacze housing estate, no. 160. Parking available next to Municipal office or the church, 1 km away. 4 a.m.

– Starting point for the 80 and 40 km runs – Ochotnica Dolna, Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury (local cultural center), Dłubacze housing estate, no. 160. Parking available next to Municipal office or the church, 1 km away. 5 a.m.

Finishing line: Ochotnica Górna, in front of the church. Distance between starting point and finishing line is about 5 km, asphalt road.

Transportation of the participants from the finishing line to the starting point after the run will be provided. Service frequency will depend on the demand.

Ochotnica Challenge, July 13, 20 km

– Starting point – Ochotnica Dolna, Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury (local cultural center), Dłubacze housing estate, no. 160. Parking available next to Municipal office or the church, 1 km away. 9 a.m.

– Finishing line: Ochotnica Górna, in front of the church. Distance between starting point and finishing line is about 5 km, asphalt road.

Transportation of the participants from the finishing line to the starting point after the run will be provided. Service frequency will depend on the demand.

Route, time limits, route marking, food stops and medical points

Emergency numer (paramedic): +48 609 126 719 / on your starting numer


Studzionki Vertical 1,7 km

Time limit – on the finishing line – 30 minutes, at 7:30 p.m. finishing line will be closed

No time limits on the route.

Gorce Ultra Trail, 102 km

Time limit – on the finishing line – 16 hours, finishing line will be closed at 8 p.m.

Time limits on the route:

– Knurowska Pass – 5,5 hours

– Obidowa – 7,5 hours.

– Rzeki – 10,5 hours.

– Szczawa – 13,5 hours.

Gorce Ultra Trail, 80 km

Time limit – at the finishing line – 15 hours, finishing line will be closed at 8 p.m.

Time limits on the route:

– Knurowska Pass – 5,5 hours.

– Obidowa – 7,5 hours.

– Rzeki – 11 hours.

Gorce Ultra Trail, 40 km

Time limit – at the finishing line – 9 hours, finishing line will be closed at 2 p.m.

Time limits on the route:

-Knurowska Pass – 5,5 hours

Ochotnica Challenge 20 km

Time limit – a tthe finishing line – 5 hours, finising line will be clsed at 2 p.m.

No time limits on the route.

After exceeding time limits participan’t are not allowed to continue the race.

Paramedics’ decisions concerning participants’ abilities to continue the run cannot be argued.

Regeneration meal at the finishing line will be available for the participants of all runs on Saturday and Sunday (after showing starting number). Studzionki Vertical participants can get the meal on Saturday or Sunday. There is no regeneration meal on Friday.

At the food stands following products will be available: Gorczanska Krynica water, Nutrend sports drink, bananas, oranges, watermelons, raisins, cranberries, salted peanuts, salted cucumbers. At the food stand in Rzeki (63km) you can eat tomato soup wit noodles.

The route follows marked tourist trails. Important points will be additionally marked with tapes and in some places volunteers will show you the way. Parts of the route with no tourist trail signs:

a. Beginning of the route, from the starting point to Makowica, about 8 km, first 5 km on the main road through the village

b. Short part after the Turbacz summit, about 1 km (only for 80 and 102 km runs)

c. Last 3 km of the run (for 102, 80 and 20 km runs)

On the map below you can see routes of all the runs, including food points and medical points

Safety rules, and obligatory equipment

You should be very careful when using public asphalt roads. These are:

a. First 5 km of the route (102, 80, 40 km runs)

b. Crossing with the asphalt road on the Knurowska Pass (102, 80, 40)

c. 300 me of the asphalt road after the point in Obidowa (102, 80)

d. 1 km long part after Rzeki till Przysłop pass (102 km)

e. 1,2 k. m after Rzeki till the small wooden chapel (80 km)

f. 3 km after food stand in Szczawa (102 km)

g. crossing with the asphalt road 200 m before the finishing line (all distances)

h. Ochotnica Challenge – first 500 m

i. Studzionki Vertical – first 300 m

In all these places you should obey road trafiic rules and the instructions of traffic management services. You should use roadside when running on the asphalt roads.

We remind you that the obligatory equipment is:

  • charged mobile phone, which should always be on / the number that you gave while registering
  • standar size space blanket (140x200cm)
  • cup or a bottle for drinks (there won’t be any at the food stands)
  • staring numer with time mesuring chip attached in a visible place
  • czołówka z kompletem baterii (dystans 102 km)
  • head lamp with a set of batteries (102 km)

Recommended additional equipment

  • shoes and clothes suitable for challenging mountain route and expected weather conditions
  • water bag / at least 1,5 l
  • head lamp
  • basic medical equipment

All competitors are insured with NNW insurance.

We remind you that we run is in the wild, natural environment, partly in the Gorce National Park. It is not allowed to leave any trash on the runway, destroying nature, picking plants or deliberately disturbing the peace of animals. Trash should be taken with you, you can leave it at the nutritional points. Runners breaking these rules may be punished with time penalties and in extreme cases disqualified.
Let the form and weather be favorable to you. See you at the finish line 🙂

Race weekend – Times and places

The race schedule for Gorce Ultra-Trail 2017.
Race Office working hours:
Friday 11th August, 4.00 p.m. – 11.00 p. m., Ochotnica Górna, Primary School
Saturday 12 August, 6.00 p.m.- 8.00 p.m., Ochotnica Górna, Primary School
Sunday 13th August 7.30 a.m – 8.30 a.m, Ochotnica Dolna, Amphitheater (next to the start).

Check-in meeting: Friday, 8.30 p.m., Primary School, Ochotnica Górna.

Time and place of departure:
Friday: 19.00 – Studzianki Vertical, (Ochotnica Górna, the bridge at the junction with the road to Studzionki)
Saturday: 4.00 a.m. – GUT 102 km (starts at Ochotnica Dolna, Amphitheater)
Saturday: 5.00 a.m. – GUT 80/40 km (starts at Ochotnica Dolna, Amphitheater)
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – Ochotnica Challenge 20 km (starts at Ochotnica Dolna, Amphitheater).
All distances finish line : Ochotnica Górna, square against the church.

New 40 km route

Preparing the trace of mountain race is – apart from the obvious aspects of logistics and security – the art of choosing from a great many options. This applies especially to the Gorce, where the beautiful corners are not missing, and on the one hand you would like to see as much as possible, and on the other the route must fit in the assumed parameters. Looking from this point of view, we have been analyzing our 43 km route for some time. To put it bluntly it could have been more interesting. All the more so in the near vicinity of interesting places is not lacking. We finally decided to make some adjustments.
So we are introducing a new “marathon” route. Just like the previous one in the first part, it is the same as the 80 km route. After separation (on 26th kilometer) it is more varied, more mountainous and more scenic. It runs through two new valleys to climb two new ridges (the first gentle, the second more steep). It is slightly shorter (40 km) – but has more acumulative altitude (1830 m). In general, its difficulty is at the same level, it also gives 2 new ITRA points. Along the way, there is no shortage of interest: we have Kurnytowa Koliba from 1837 – the oldest residential building in the Gorce, gain beautiful peak Magurki with great glade and one of the four Gorce lookout towers and the finish line coincides wonderfully drawn path through the band Rokietnica, with a new section of  Vlach Cuture Trail. As the only one of our routes, the new 40-km is running to the finish line with other than any other route, but like those leading to the end of a dirt road, not really runs through the village, crosses the main road and only 200 m we are at the finish line.
Not only that, only a kilometer away from our route (the exact tower on Magurki) the place where the Liberator plane crash in 1944, about which we wrote on our website, with a very interesting installation-monument depicting an American plane https: //www.gorceultratrail. Pl / pl / liberator /. All who treat the competition as a kind of tour and do not really care about the time, can get a little off the beat and follow the Rules back to the same route. If only they fit in the general time limit, which remains unchanged and is 9 hours. More details on our website.

Studzionki Vertical – extreme run experience

We start just after the bridge over Ochotnica River. This is the place where the road to Studzionki’s hamlet changes from almost flat to really steep, and where more inexperienced drivers turn back, frightened by the unusual view. 200 meters along the asphalt road and then straight through the forest, dirt road. If someone is still running, this section will surely slow him down, because the road from the very steep turns into an absurdly steep, and the soft terrain makes the leg “stays” at every step. We pass a few branches, but navigate without any problems, just remember that we always choose the steepest variant and generally all the time straight ahead. No stones, soft forest path, can be a little branch because the logging takes place in the area at best. The path is quite wide, you can overtake if you are able to. 🙂 Racing in such conditions may seem a little humorous, because the pace will not kill you, although the heart rate will certainly increase. Since the distance is only four times longer than the elevation, the route passes very quickly. At the end it will be harder. Nowadays the road is covered by the broken trees, but before the run we will cut the passage so that it can be “runable”. A narrow path among grasses and we are at the top, next to a private open-air museum. Here the uphill is over, about 248 meters of denivelation, you can see the Tatras, but slightly covered with trees. Slight down and flat, sharp turn to the right and we are at the gazebo and our finish line. There is nothing to cover our prize – the most beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains, Tatry Bielskie  and Babia Góra. If we are lucky, we have a wonderful sunset. Enjoy the view.
This is our Studzionki Vertical. Registration is still open 🙂

Demons on the road

Have you ever wondered where the names of peaks, places, rivers or passes come from. All these Przysłops, Kiczoras, Turbczes, Kotelnicas or Prehybas? It seems that there is exoticism and beauty in them. Like some voices from the remnants of memory, reminding that it was different in the past. Indeed, most of the names are very old, and some retain extraordinary durability, despite the years and changes in the conditions in which they were created. In the Beskids, most of the names are derived from Wallachian – from the Volloch – a mysterious Balkan-Ruthenian people who appeared in our area in the 15th and 16th centuries as a kind of refugees, but much better received than those of the contemporary. Wolos gradually dissolved into the surrounding element, but the names remained. Most names are Wallachian, not all, though.
Mogielica (1170) [grave mounain] – the name of the highest summit on the new section of the route 102 km has a Slavonic origin, of course derived from the word “mogiła” [grave], which in the older form of “mogyla” also meant a mound and a hill. Mogielica comes from a grave, quite special, however. This is the place where dead people were buried premature and unexpected deaths, ie suicides, drowns or victims of the plague. According to folk beliefs, these were undefined beings, demons on the verge of life and death, and that was why it was necessary to bury them not in the cemetery, but at the borders. And our mountain, large and lofty massif, separating various human abodes was treated as a classic border.
Borrowing names went here the other way round. The Slavic expression of the “mogyla” was transformed by the Wolohs into a “magura” – a lush, lonely mountain massif, and we have a lot of Maguras in our mountains today.
Our Mogielica is still interesting to note that at the Carpathian Branch of PTT conference in 1936 it was included to Gorce Range (!). It was only post-war regulation that “allocated” it to the Beskid Wyspowy. We follow a bit in the footsteps  of this conference. Mogielica has a similar character to Gorce and will be the biggest attraction of the final ssection of our longest route. All the more so at the top is also the beautiful lookout tower and the sea of ​​mountains around.
In the photo above, Mogielica is the inconspicuous, but highest peak in the background. To the left of it is a large piece of 102 km route. The beautiful glade in the foreground is called Podskały (58 km) and is part of the Ten Glades Way, designated in 1926 by Walenty Gadowski, the creator of famous Orla Perć in Tatra Moutains.

Gorce on the video

Najpiękniejsze Gorce

Do tej pory pisaliśmy o urokach Gorców lub pokazywaliśmy je na zdjęciach. Teraz możecie zobaczyć całe piękno tras Gorce Ultra-Trail w krótkim ale świetnie zrealizowanym filmie. Przypominamy, że tras mamy pięć i każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie:102 km i 4240 m przewyższenia, 5 pkt ITRA80 km i 3240 m przewyższenia, 4 pkt ITRA43 km i 1720 m przewyższenia, 2 pkt ITRA20 km i 965 metrów przewyższenia, 1 pkt ITRA1,3 km i 249 metrów przewyższeniaZapraszamy do zapisów date, we wrote about the charm of the Gorce or we showed them at pictures. Now you can see all the beauty of Gorce Ultra-Trail routes on this short but perfectly designed film. Remember, Gorce Ultra-Trail it is five routes to choose from, so everyone will find the right distance:102 K i 4240 m positive altitude, 5 ITRA points80 K and 3240 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points43 K and 1720 m positive altitude, 2 ITRA points20 K and 965 positive altitude, 1 ITRA points1,3 km i 249 m positive altitudeRegistration open:

Opublikowany przez Gorce Ultra-Trail na 17 stycznia 2017


So far we have only written about the charm of Gorce or showed you pictures. Now you can see all the beauty of the Gorce Ultra-Trail routes in this short but well-designed film. Remember, the Gorce Ultra-Trail has five routes to choose from, so there is a distance to suit everyone:
102 K and 4240 m altitude, 5 ITRA points
80 K and 3240 m altitude, 4 ITRA points
43 K and 1720 m altitude, 2 ITRA points
20 K and 965 altitude, 1 ITRA point
1.3 km and 249 m altitude
Registration open:


Run & Travel Packages


Poland is a beautiful place and the Gorce mountains are one of the most interesting corners of the country. Nevertheless, there are many more beautiful places in our country. We want to show this beauty to the world. We want to invite runners from all continents to visit us. Let them come to Gorce Ultra-Trail and admire it. We have taken part in competitions in other countries and are always fascinated by the international atmosphere of the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail or Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB. Even more, we treated this atmosphere as one of the most important values; and now it’s time to return the favour.

We have prepared special run & travel packages, which combine a start package in our competition with visiting Poland. You can choose an extended 9-day package or a basic 5-day one … and by doing so don’t have to worry about a thing. The packages include transfers from the airport or hotel, transportation, accommodation, logistics, sight-seeing, entry in the GUT, recovery after the race and good memories :-). If you are reading this in the UK, New Zealand, Korea or anywhere in the world – this proposal is just for you. If you have friends far away or close, and they would also like to visit Poland and run in our beautiful mountains – please tell them about our offer.
The program is implemented together with Be Alive Events, Sport & Travel tourist office
More details available here

We have UTMB points!


We are delighted to announce that our race is now officially a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB. According to the earlier ITRA valuation, every participant who completes the basic distance of 102 km will receive 5 new UTMB points, while for shorter distances participants will receive, respectively: 4 points for 80 km, 2 points for 43 km and 1 point for 20 km. For people desperate to collect points we have one more thing to say: theoretically you can collect 6 points during our race weekend (a very good number ahead of the prestigious race in the Alps). To do so you have to run the GUT 102 km on Saturday, and the Ochotnica Challenge 20 km on Sunday 🙂. Difficult, but not impossible. Please register, there are still places available for all distances. More details here.

New 102 km route

Next year’s Gorce Ultra-Trail map looks more and more like stemless carline thistle, the symbol of Gorce and the basic decorative element of our logo 🙂. The jagged edges of the leaf take the routes far away in all directions with the beautiful sun in the center – in our case the main race base in Ochotnica. This similarity was mainly due to the new route – 102 km – which reaches the far north-east. On the surface, these routes look a bit like a maze 🙂 In fact, they are very natural and we mostly move along the main paths or lateral spines, the shortest lines connecting the important points, without losing too much height. It is no different with the new route. Up to 63 km it runs alongside the 80 km route. But after the nutritional/water station in Rzeki it does not turn right directly to the hill, but turns left towards the Przysłop Pass and Mogielica – the highest peak of Beskid Wyspowy. The routes leaves our beloved Gorce but only for a moment.

mapa GUT 2017

An excuse for this may be the specific character of Mogielica (1170 m).  The highest massif of the Beskid Wyspowy does not resemble the other peaks of the range. Most of them are compact, relatively small, island-like-hills (hence the name, Beskid Wyspowy meaning “Island Mountains”) covered by forests and separated by deep, flat valleys of cultivated fields, towns or villages situated as if they were outside the mountains. Mogielica on the contrary is a big massif, with long and gentle ridges in many directions, strongly fragmented, with beautiful meadows, hanging valleys and small hamlets lost somewhere up high. In this sense, Mogielica looks more like Gorce than the rest of Beskid Wyspowy. And our route will lead exactly along these gentle ridges. At the beginning the route takes the south-west ridge, through Jasień, Krzystonów and the wide pass Przysłopek, and after the top it then takes the south-east ridge, through Zalesie and Wyrębiska Szczawskie, directly to Szczawa and the nutritional point at 83 km, where we will get back to Gorce. Along the way will be a great, spreading Stumorgowa glade, some smaller ones, and at the top … a tower, although not as spectacular as those of Gorce 🙂. And no village along the way. From the nutrition/water station in Szczawa we take the easy route toward the summit of Gorce, where we link up with the 80 km route and on these well-known routes, with a bit of off-road, we run down to the centre of Ochotnica Górna.
In general, the route through Mogielica will be similar in nature to the Gorce sections: the substrate will be almost the same, a small number of stones and limited amounts of mud. In addition to the four great mountains of the first edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail (Lubań, Turbacz, Kudłoń, Gorc) we now add a fifth – Mogielica. The route will remain fast and very runable. This reflects the time limit, a quite moderate 16 hours. On one hand it is great for those who want to race while on the other it is an ideal course for a debut at this distance.

Registration for 2017 is open!

Registration for the second edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail is open now! We are looking forward to welcoming you on August 11-13, 2017 at Ochotnica Górna. This time, there will be five distances to choose from: 102, 80, 43 and 20 km, and an almost vertical 1.3 km. We start on Friday evening, August 11,  with the short vertical race. On Saturday there will be three long runs, and on Sunday the traditional 20 kilometre Ochotnica challenge. The main new feature is the longest, 102 km run, conceived so that it provides 5 new ITRA points and more attractions as well. We have added a fifth peak – Mogielica – to the four famous peaks of Gorce🙂. It will be harder, but not too much. You can find all the details in the appropriate tabs on the website.
You can register here

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