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Do tej pory pisaliśmy o urokach Gorców lub pokazywaliśmy je na zdjęciach. Teraz możecie zobaczyć całe piękno tras Gorce Ultra-Trail w krótkim ale świetnie zrealizowanym filmie. Przypominamy, że tras mamy pięć i każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie:102 km i 4240 m przewyższenia, 5 pkt ITRA80 km i 3240 m przewyższenia, 4 pkt ITRA43 km i 1720 m przewyższenia, 2 pkt ITRA20 km i 965 metrów przewyższenia, 1 pkt ITRA1,3 km i 249 metrów przewyższeniaZapraszamy do zapisów http://www.gorceultratrail.pl/pl/zgloszenia/To date, we wrote about the charm of the Gorce or we showed them at pictures. Now you can see all the beauty of Gorce Ultra-Trail routes on this short but perfectly designed film. Remember, Gorce Ultra-Trail it is five routes to choose from, so everyone will find the right distance:102 K i 4240 m positive altitude, 5 ITRA points80 K and 3240 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points43 K and 1720 m positive altitude, 2 ITRA points20 K and 965 positive altitude, 1 ITRA points1,3 km i 249 m positive altitudeRegistration open: http://www.gorceultratrail.pl/en/registration/

Opublikowany przez Gorce Ultra-Trail na 17 stycznia 2017


So far we have only written about the charm of Gorce or showed you pictures. Now you can see all the beauty of the Gorce Ultra-Trail routes in this short but well-designed film. Remember, the Gorce Ultra-Trail has five routes to choose from, so there is a distance to suit everyone:
102 K and 4240 m altitude, 5 ITRA points
80 K and 3240 m altitude, 4 ITRA points
43 K and 1720 m altitude, 2 ITRA points
20 K and 965 altitude, 1 ITRA point
1.3 km and 249 m altitude
Registration open: http://www.gorceultratrail.pl/en/registration/


Run & Travel Packages


Poland is a beautiful place and the Gorce mountains are one of the most interesting corners of the country. Nevertheless, there are many more beautiful places in our country. We want to show this beauty to the world. We want to invite runners from all continents to visit us. Let them come to Gorce Ultra-Trail and admire it. We have taken part in competitions in other countries and are always fascinated by the international atmosphere of the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail or Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB. Even more, we treated this atmosphere as one of the most important values; and now it’s time to return the favour.

We have prepared special run & travel packages, which combine a start package in our competition with visiting Poland. You can choose an extended 9-day package or a basic 5-day one … and by doing so don’t have to worry about a thing. The packages include transfers from the airport or hotel, transportation, accommodation, logistics, sight-seeing, entry in the GUT, recovery after the race and good memories :-). If you are reading this in the UK, New Zealand, Korea or anywhere in the world – this proposal is just for you. If you have friends far away or close, and they would also like to visit Poland and run in our beautiful mountains – please tell them about our offer.
The program is implemented together with Be Alive Events, Sport & Travel tourist office
More details available here

We have UTMB points!


We are delighted to announce that our race is now officially a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB. According to the earlier ITRA valuation, every participant who completes the basic distance of 102 km will receive 5 new UTMB points, while for shorter distances participants will receive, respectively: 4 points for 80 km, 2 points for 43 km and 1 point for 20 km. For people desperate to collect points we have one more thing to say: theoretically you can collect 6 points during our race weekend (a very good number ahead of the prestigious race in the Alps). To do so you have to run the GUT 102 km on Saturday, and the Ochotnica Challenge 20 km on Sunday 🙂. Difficult, but not impossible. Please register, there are still places available for all distances. More details here.

New 102 km route

Next year’s Gorce Ultra-Trail map looks more and more like stemless carline thistle, the symbol of Gorce and the basic decorative element of our logo 🙂. The jagged edges of the leaf take the routes far away in all directions with the beautiful sun in the center – in our case the main race base in Ochotnica. This similarity was mainly due to the new route – 102 km – which reaches the far north-east. On the surface, these routes look a bit like a maze 🙂 In fact, they are very natural and we mostly move along the main paths or lateral spines, the shortest lines connecting the important points, without losing too much height. It is no different with the new route. Up to 63 km it runs alongside the 80 km route. But after the nutritional/water station in Rzeki it does not turn right directly to the hill, but turns left towards the Przysłop Pass and Mogielica – the highest peak of Beskid Wyspowy. The routes leaves our beloved Gorce but only for a moment.

mapa GUT 2017

An excuse for this may be the specific character of Mogielica (1170 m).  The highest massif of the Beskid Wyspowy does not resemble the other peaks of the range. Most of them are compact, relatively small, island-like-hills (hence the name, Beskid Wyspowy meaning “Island Mountains”) covered by forests and separated by deep, flat valleys of cultivated fields, towns or villages situated as if they were outside the mountains. Mogielica on the contrary is a big massif, with long and gentle ridges in many directions, strongly fragmented, with beautiful meadows, hanging valleys and small hamlets lost somewhere up high. In this sense, Mogielica looks more like Gorce than the rest of Beskid Wyspowy. And our route will lead exactly along these gentle ridges. At the beginning the route takes the south-west ridge, through Jasień, Krzystonów and the wide pass Przysłopek, and after the top it then takes the south-east ridge, through Zalesie and Wyrębiska Szczawskie, directly to Szczawa and the nutritional point at 83 km, where we will get back to Gorce. Along the way will be a great, spreading Stumorgowa glade, some smaller ones, and at the top … a tower, although not as spectacular as those of Gorce 🙂. And no village along the way. From the nutrition/water station in Szczawa we take the easy route toward the summit of Gorce, where we link up with the 80 km route and on these well-known routes, with a bit of off-road, we run down to the centre of Ochotnica Górna.
In general, the route through Mogielica will be similar in nature to the Gorce sections: the substrate will be almost the same, a small number of stones and limited amounts of mud. In addition to the four great mountains of the first edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail (Lubań, Turbacz, Kudłoń, Gorc) we now add a fifth – Mogielica. The route will remain fast and very runable. This reflects the time limit, a quite moderate 16 hours. On one hand it is great for those who want to race while on the other it is an ideal course for a debut at this distance.

Registration for 2017 is open!

Registration for the second edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail is open now! We are looking forward to welcoming you on August 11-13, 2017 at Ochotnica Górna. This time, there will be five distances to choose from: 102, 80, 43 and 20 km, and an almost vertical 1.3 km. We start on Friday evening, August 11,  with the short vertical race. On Saturday there will be three long runs, and on Sunday the traditional 20 kilometre Ochotnica challenge. The main new feature is the longest, 102 km run, conceived so that it provides 5 new ITRA points and more attractions as well. We have added a fifth peak – Mogielica – to the four famous peaks of Gorce🙂. It will be harder, but not too much. You can find all the details in the appropriate tabs on the website.
You can register here

Gorce Ultra-Trail – A race in a great location

One of the reasons why you should come to Gorce Ultra-Trail is its great location. Especially for people living in remote areas, participation in our event can be a great opportunity to get to know the surrounding area.


The Gorce mountains are located almost exactly halfway between Kraków and Zakopane. The attractions of the former Polish capital need no introduction, but it is worth mentioning that in addition to the Main Market Square and Kazimierz Town, there are lesser-known places like Salwator and Podgórze that are worth visiting.
With regards to the paths in the Tatra mountains we have always recommend the route to Mięguszowiecka Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem for experienced tourists, and skyrunning at the highest level and the Tomanowa Valley for beginners.
Our main base in Ochotnica Górna is about 30 km away, as the crow flies, from the queen of the Polish Beskidy Mountains – Babia Góra – the way up takes the exiting Perć Academików path, while the way down follows the excellent running trail, marked with red signs. Traditionally, sunrise on Babia Góra is considered to be the most beautiful time of day, although we have often found the sunsets no less spectacular.
The Gorce Mountains are also very close to Pieniny, with the exceptional Dunajec Canyon and the slightly less well-known but no less interesting, Homole Gorge (approx. 20 km). If you think rafting with a boatmen is a bit old-school, you can also rent a canoe on this beautiful river, which is (especially at high water level) already an extreme sport 🙂
So come to Gorce Mountain for the Gorce Ultra-Trail, but not just for the competition itself. It will also be a long weekend and the holiday season, and Gorce can be a great base for exploring the southern part of Poland; everything is close from there 🙂


Gorce Ultra-Trail® – Now a qualifying race for UTMB

We are very pleased to inform you that we have received official confirmation from the UTMB organization 🙂 Gorce Ultra-Trail® is now a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® and according to an earlier ITRA evaluation has received the following:
GUT 80 – 2 points (4 according to the new scale)
GUT 43 – 0 points (2 according to the new scale)
We would like to remind you that in the 2017 edition of the UTMB we will be awarding points according the old scale (where 9 points are required) and for the 2018 edition according the new scale (15 points will be required).
We enjoy the fact that there are more and more events from Poland on the UTMB list. And we are most pleased that Violetta – one of the organizers of Gorce Ultra-Trail® – will be taking part in the UTMB this year so we will have a report first hand. And we will of course write about it 🙂

Old and new points

stare-i-noweWe mentioned the ITRA points here a while ago.  They are points that evaluate the difficulty of each trail race and that are required to apply for participation in the most famous race around the massif of Mont Blanc (UTMB).

It will, however be even more difficult to collect enough points!!
The old and new point scales are often used interchangeably; for example, the Gorce Ultra Trail has 2 old points and 4 new points. To try the UTMB you need to collect 9 old points or 15 new points (in both cases in 3 races max.). But it’s not a simple change of scale. Here’s a simple example: Chudy Wawrzyniec (or Niepokorny Mnich) gives you 3 old points, but only 4 new points. So, according to the old scale, “3xChudy Wawrzyniec” is sufficient for the UTMB (3 × 3 = 9), but according to the new, it only gives you 12 points leaving you still needing 3! You will have to run more often and further 🙂

In 2016 the two point systems (old and new) will be accepted and the most advantageous scale for the runner will be used, so in practice the old one. But from next year, only the new 15-point scale shall apply, so if you dream to appear on the starting line in Chamonix, you will have to complete for example: the Gorce Ultra-Trail® (4 points), Bieg Rzeźnika Ultra 140 (6 points), and Bieg 7 Dolin (5 points).

Garmin at Gorce Ultra-Trail®

We are very pleased to announce that Garmin Poland has became a partner of the Gorce Ultra-Trail®. Garmin produces excellent navigation equipment for various sports and activities and, what is important to us, running watches. Recent models impress not just with their accuracy and functionality, but also the quality of workmanship and appearance. It is also worth mentioning their legendary speed and high quality of Garmin service support.
It’s worth pushing a little harder before the finish line because valuable prizes will be available.

Gorce Ultra-Trail® in the ITRA calendar


We are pleased to announce that our competition has been officially verified by the International Trail-Running Association – an organization dedicated to assessing the difficulties of mountain races and, in a wider sense, to setting the rules for ultra running in the mountains. The Gorce Ultra-Trail® – the longest distance – has received 4 ITRA points (according to the new scale) and 2 ITRA points (according to the old scale). We have also received two other factors defining the difficulty of the route:
Mountain level – 5 (defines the “mountain difficulty” of the course, among other things, the average gradient of the slopes, the longest uninterrupted ascent and the average height above sea level), and:
Finisher criteria – 390 (indicating the level of training a runner needs to complete the course in the official time limit).
Gorce Ultra Trail has also been included in the official calendar of ITRA, and the route is now available on the dedicated website Trace de Trail
After examination by the ITRA software it turned out that our course is slightly longer, but has a slightly smaller height difference. Why this happens is a very complicated issue and we will not go into the details here. If you’re interested, please refer to the latest Kingrunner Ultra magazine (paper edition) where there is a long article about the principles of ITRA functioning – although almost no information about the distance-verifying methods.
In short, the Gorce Ultra-Trail® will soon be a qualifying race for the UTMB with a value of 4 new points. (We still need a few more days to wait for official confirmation, because these two institutions operate independently).

See you in August in Gorce, run and fun guaranteed 🙂

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